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How Does Double Glazing Work?

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We all know that double glazing is more energy efficient than single glazed windows, but do you know why and how it works? Here at Williams Windows, we have been fitting double glazed windows to homes and businesses across Middlesex and beyond and in our latest post, we discuss the science behind double glazing.

If you look at a double glazed window, you will see two panes of glass. In between these two panes looks like an empty space, but it is actually filled with argon gas. Being a poor conductor of heat, this gas prevents warmth from escaping your home, whilst the second pane of glass acts as a barrier against noise.

Double glazing can help you save on your energy bills, but the savings you make will all depend on the energy rating of the window you choose.

Does Double Glazing Prevent Condensation?

With two panes of glass, the inner pane should be warmer than the outer, helping to reduce condensation. If you notice condensation forming in between the two panes glass, there could be a problem with the sealed unit which may be unseen to the naked eye.

Condensation on the outside pane of glass shows how well your double glazing is working at keeping heat within your home. However, if you have noticed condensation forming on the
inside pane of glass, this could allude to poor ventilation.

Double Glazing and Draughts

You should not feel any draughts coming from your double glazing, unless through the ventilation vent. However, if you are noticing a draught, you may want to get the seal around the frame checked. Aside from this, you should check that your window is closing properly and not leaving a gap due to a faulty lock mechanism.

Williams Windows – Double Glazing

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